Xbox One Power Supply Units Now Available To Buy

The Xbox One is one of the most popular consoles in the world, but like its predecessor, which had the infamous ring of death, Xbox One users have experienced failure with the console’s power supply.

One the power supply fails, gamers are unable to use the Xbox One. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a big deal because most people assume that they can either buy a new power supply at any electronics store, or send the defective power supply back to Microsoft for a replacement.

Unfortunately, the Xbox power supply is not available at any electronic store, and for some reason it isn’t covered by the Xbox warranty. This created a lot of frustration for Xbox One users who felt they should be protected if a part of the console became defective.

Apparently, Microsoft heard the complaints and have now made it possible to purchase a new power supply. The news was announced on Reddit by Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb In his message, Hyrb said, he had been working with the Microsoft support team and they have made it possible to buy additional power supply units online at the Xbox service website. At the time he sent the message, he had not gotten a chance to check out the site, but he said the team sent him an email to let him know about the new option.

The message was welcome news for frustrated Xbox One users who couldn’t use their consoles due to a defective power supply. Now, they can visit the Xbox One website and order a new power supply. The message didn’t specify how much the power supply will cost customers, but it isn’t expected to be too expensive.

While it is great news that Xbox One users are now allowed to buy the power supply at Microsoft’s website, many users are wondering if they will have the power supply available at retail outlets. The reason some users want the company to make it available in retail stores is the fact that a lot of people would rather have the option of walking into a store and picking up a power supply when they need one, instead of having to wait to receive it in the mail, which can take a few days and probably cost extra to expedite.

Since Microsoft hasn’t made an announcement regarding the availability of the power supply in stores, Xbox One owners should be happy that they can still purchase it online, which is better than having no other options and not being able to use their console.