Ways To Share Your Love Of Gaming With Others

Gaming is a personal preference that lots of people admire. It’s a hobby many enjoy and spend much of their free time engaging in the activity. There are reasons why it’s a popular interest. The games are challenging and entertaining at the same time.

If you’re a gamer, you probably have a desire to share your passion with others. You want to let everyone know why you love it so much. There are actions you can take to spread the word and have people take an interest in what you do. See ways to share your love of gaming with others.

Play in the Store

Register for live events or ask the store if they’ll let you volunteer to play in the shop. Other gamers will stop by and have questions and want to participate. This’ll help the store advertise and sell games they want off of the shelves. Practice your skills while discussing techniques with other gamers. Use a free weekend to go play and show other gamers how it’s done. Ask the store if there’s any tech gear or new equipment to show off and demonstrate.  

Create A Gaming Room in your House

Build a gaming room in your house made just for your hobby. Use your basement as the perfect spot to play and relax. It’s a great use of the space, and you know you’ll spend lots of time there. Apply new paint, purchase comfortable couches and get the lighting right for playing. Have a spot to store and display your equipment and a large television for projecting your games on the big screen. Create an atmosphere that allows you to quickly sink into the experience and stay glued to what you’re doing.

Present A Slideshow

Offer to share your skills and knowledge at a conference or event. Use a free slideshow maker to design a video presentation that’ll impress your audience. Deliver your message using a mix of images and music that gets your point across in an attractive manner. This’ll allow you to display your video game graphics and make it clear why you feel so passionate about your hobby. You don’t need any design skills to use this presentation maker. Simply choose your media and pick from a variety of pre-designed layouts and text for any calls to action.

Write Reviews

Utilize your writing skills and submit blog posts and reviews online. Spend time writing up why you like certain games and your reasons for disliking others. Interview other gamers and designers to mix up the type of pieces you share. Play particular games and spend time reviewing them and describing the ins and outs for your readers. Share reasons why you’re passionate about gaming and why others should get started. Submit your findings to newspapers, magazines, bloggers and gaming websites.


Gaming is oftentimes misunderstood. Get out there and tell people why you like it and why they should care. These are ways to share your love of gaming with others.