Tips on Marketing a Game

Creating a good game, with crisp graphics, a tight plot, and challenging yet achievable missions is just the first step. Big name video game companies already understand the importance of savvy marketing – and it shows with successful launches from EA and Microsoft. If you’re an independent game developer, take a page from the big dog’s playbook. Successful marketing isn’t just about market saturation – it’s a well-timed surgical strike to kick off your launch with a lot of buzz. Done correctly, your game’s features will sell themselves and your fans will help do a lot of the promotion for you.

Paying attention to when you launch, using social media correctly, and choosing influential beta testers or reviewers to build pre-release anticipation are important – but why? When do you start “teasers” about a game in progress – or should you wait until the game is ready to advertise? Read on for theĀ best marketing strategy for success.