The Best Video Games for Baseball Lovers

As baseball lovers are looking at the end of yet another season, there has never been a better time to discover new ways of experiencing your favorite sport. Baseball-themed games are a great way to experience your love of the sport and the level of excitement that comes with competition while you wait for the new baseball season to begin.

If you are looking for the best baseball games, then this list is here to help.

Diamond Mind Online Simulation Baseball

You might assume that once the season is over, so is your ability to play fantasy baseball, but this is actually not the case. With games like Diamond Mind Online fantasy baseball, you can create your own “dream team” of players from the entire history of the Major League Baseball. You can choose from over 18,000 stars like Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, or Mike Schmidt on your line-up. This game has been called one of the most realistic online baseball simulation games ever made, providing specific details like weather conditions at different professional parks to ensure the very best playing experience possible.

MLB The Show 21

The MLB The Show franchise has developed a great deal ever since it was first launched back in 1997. The MLB The Show 21 is regarded as one of the most comprehensive baseball video games ever made. It offers dynamic gameplay and a range of features, such as Franchise Mode and Road, to create a play that is similar to that of a role-playing game.

Baseball Stars

Baseball Stars, Bases Loaded is a retro game the was first created in the late 1980s but is still regarded as a fun game to play today. The game was first released in arcades before it was launched on the NES. As it was the first two-player game to ever be released in arcades, it quickly became a fan favorite.

Wii Sports

If you miss playing baseball just as much as you miss watching it, then you should look no further than Nintendo Wii Sports. The most beloved Wii Sports baseball game was R.B.I Baseball, which was the first game to ever be officially licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association. While the R.B.I Baseball Wii game is now pretty outdated, other Wii sports baseball games provide a great playing experience.

Backyard Baseball

If you love retro video games that are not too serious, then you would love Backyard Baseball. The Backyard Baseball game allows you to relive the joy of playing baseball in the backyard with your friends as a child. The game features a charming design and the well-known Pablo Sanchez, who is famously regarded as one of the most overpowered video game characters in video game history.

MVP Baseball

When it was launched back in 2005, MVP Baseball was considered to be one of the best sports games of all time. The game features a wide range of game modes, such as Owner Mode and Scenario Editor. The game also opened the door to a series of follow-on games that, while not quite as popular, did have a large fan base.