Success of Indie Game Studios

In the past few years, the gaming industry has grown significantly thanks to the increasing numbers of gamers. Not only have the popular gaming studios seen this growth but so have the indie gaming studios which have created some of the more popular games out today.

Indie games have actually been around for quite a long time. However, their name and the manner in which they are obtained were much different in the beginning. First developed in the 1990’s, these games were better known as shareware. They didn’t earn developers a lot of money but they provided a place for intendment developers to begin.

One way in which indie gaming studios have grown has been the lack of pressure on them to continue to product games that appeal to gamers. This is can sometimes be a problem for the major studios like Microsoft as they continue to try to improve upon previously released game. Indie gaming studios have much more creative license which has led to many unique games being released. For instance, the game Minecraft was an indie game that has become a top game and eventually bought by the MIcrosoft.

Indie games can also be played on mobile phones. When these games were first produced they had to be compatible with numerous operating systems. Today, this has significantly decreased to two main ones, iOS and Android. 

Gaming is a popular trend which appears to not be going away anytime soon. New trends are ready to emerge on the horizon such as VR gaming which holds a lot of excitement for the future.