Software for Senior living – A Digital Platform

The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days. InTouchLink is a senior living solution; powerful but easy to use resident and family engagement software for senior living communities.

Thesoftware is design to benefit its users at a multi-dimensional level. This digital platform offers features which not only benefits the residents and seniors living in the community but also the internal staff members who relentlessly work for sharing of information through circulars, memos and other related handout onto the lobby of different building in the community. Itsassisted living software which helps its users with staying connected with the community at large.  It is a digital platform which only requires internet connection and exposes the users to a world of engagement and connectedness. This software can be accessed at the user’s ease and comfort and it not community radar specific. It can be accessed anywhere even from a remote locate, private home, retirement community or any other place. The only thing to keep it working is an internet connection. With the fast paced world, there is hardly any time left for interaction even within he family members, residents or seniors living in the community. This platform helps the users communicate efficiently and have feeling of security and ease. For a hassle free experience, this application is also a relief to the internal staff members working relentlessly for the members of the community. In the event of any cancellation of the event, meeting updates or any other happenings in the community, the system automatically updates and the turnaround time is way quicker. The user gets a notification once he logs into the system and this not only saves time but also helps him/her plan things in accordance.

Benefits of Using the Software

One of the InTouckLink senior living software features is to help user to stay in touch with the different members of the family, community and also the seniors living in the community. Seniors in the community generally have a lone feeling of insecurity. There is a feeling of exclusion if not combated with the positive attitude. The community members usually hesitate in adapting to this new way of technology assuming that may be tricky or difficult. Infact, the senior on the community too feel that they might not be able to understand the browser or the format of usage. But this platform is so easy and quickly adjusts to the pace of the user, such as even the low vision seniors can access it easily. The comfortable single large grip click button allows the user to not get confused on multiple clicks. There are very simple menus and tab inbuilt on the application. Even the weather updates and the latest trending news can be accessed by clicking on tab enlisted on the page. The system also offers music listening and add to playlist options to save the favorite music numbers of the user. The videos and photo album uploading feature facilitates storing memories.