Portable Gaming for Vacation

When it comes to Summer vacation, it’s a time to relax and unwind. For just a little while, we get to throw off the shackles of our day to day obligations, schedule, and setting. This can be tremendously freeing. So much so that we spend the rest of the year waiting for Summer. However, much of vacationing is travel, and travel, itself, can be a chore. So, for gamers everywhere, vacation season can be a time to invest in portable gaming. So, once you take care of the arrangements with Apple Vacations, consider the following tips for gaming on the go this Summer.

First and foremost, consider Nintendo. For pretty much all of portable gaming history, Nintendo has reigned supreme. Starting with the Game Boy series and on to the DS series, Nintendo has pioneered portable gaming, like they once did (and may be poised to do again) with console gaming. The 3DS and New 3DS (or the 2DS for those who want to forego the 3D gimmick) are solid picks for portable gaming, especially until the Switch releases the next iteration of Smash Bros. Speaking of the Switch, Nintendo’s latest console has portable functionality, meaning that, for the first time, AAA titles are becoming portable by association. While the Switch may be behind the curve on processing power and the ever important graphics, they make up for it with allow you to take your favorites, new and old, on the go. If you’re not into the Nintendo brand, however, there are other options, but I, in good conscience, recommend them over the Nintendo counterparts. After all, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is such a massive and polished gaming experience that playing it in the car or on the plane on your way to the beach is an experience like no other.