How to play Video Games for a Living?

Back in the day, videogames were just a form of entertainment and a way to kill some time. Thanks to the internet, the gaming industry has blown up and people not only play videogames for fun, they also get paid to play them.

If you’re a video game enthusiast and would love to get paid to play games all day, here are a few tips to get you started on the path to playing video games for a living.

  1. Livestream

This simply means you stream your gameplay in real time, so others from all over the world can watch you play. The best part about streaming is you can use any game, as long as there is an audience for it. The point of livestreaming is to get a large enough audience that you can monetize with either donations or subscriptions. Right now, Twitch is the biggest platform for this.

  1. Game Reviews

This is another great way to get paid to play video games. As a game reviewer, you get advance copies of games, which is always great, and you get to play them and tell people what you think about them. As a game reviewer, you can either have your own website that you monetize, or you can work for one of the big game companies like IGN and get paid for your reviews.

  1. Game Testing

This sounds like a lot of fun, but it isn’t as much fun as being a game reviewer because you get to play the game in the early stages and help the developers work out the kinks. Game testers usually get paid pretty well, but it isn’t a job that’s suited for everyone.

  1. Competitive Gaming

This is for those that believe they are the best in whatever genre they play. Developers like EA Sports and other big name companies usually have tournaments for the best of the best with some serious cash prizes. However, if you have trouble beating your friends at video games, don’t even try to take on these guys because they put in some serious time and don’t take any prisoners.

  1. Game Guides

This might sound a little boring compared to the other ways to make money playing video games, but it really isn’t. You get to play games and provide guides and walkthroughs for newbies that have no idea what they are doing. Since anyone with an internet connection can make a guide, you need to make your guide stand out from the rest of the available guides out there. If you can provide detailed guides people can’t find somewhere else, you will become successful.

Video games can be a lot of fun, so why not get paid to play them?