PC RPG: Where To Start?

RPG games are simply amazing. They can transport you to a completely different land or realm and let you play out a story as someone else in a world that invigorates the imagination. RPGs are usually mentioned in the same breath as hardcore gamers. But these days, they are becoming increasingly easier to drop into. They are better on the PC because they have super graphics and the ability to use more on screen. Here are some of the better RPG PC games you can make the most out of.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

This game is one of the best games ever made. Period. It is so good and simply checking out the reviews will prove its pedigree. On the Pc, you’ll need a good monitor to ensure you see the world how the developers intended. The glut of PC monitors out there are very well explained here. The witcher on a high spec PC is simply stunning. You play as Geralt, a cranky witcher, someone who kills monsters. The land is varied and wide, littered with cities and villages all decimated by either way or problems with monsters that Geralt must solve. The game can be complicated, but it still shines out above many of the others in its complete mastery. CD projekt red have changed the way RPG’s work for the better and have set the bar for all other potential games in the future to adhere to.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Since the early days of daggerfall, the elder scrolls games have been pioneering the growth of role playing games. The beauty in this game is that you can play it from a first person perspective, bringing you close to the events at hand. It builds well on oblivion and sends the game off into the wintery wilds of skyrim. The game is huge and allows you to do all kinds of different things. The pc version comes with a huge amount of user made mods to choose from to enhance the experience and the newer released remastered version gives it better native graphics and comes complete with all of the DLC ready to go. It can be a great game for begginers of the RPG genre simply because it’s controls are fairly easy to master and less complicated than those of the Witcher.

Fallout 4

Made by Bethesda, the same people as skyrim. Fallout bucks the RPG trend and swaps out the swords and magic of typical RPG games for the murky rusty weaponry for future post-apocalyptic America, in this case Boston. The game is really interesting and the lore that comes with it compelling. It gives you a hint of what life would be life after a nuclear war and the decrepit houses and derelict structures really play on your conscience as you go about the tasks. Again, it is fairly easy to get into, but comes with a mode for hardcore players too in which you must keep drinking water and eating food to survive, just like real life.