Software for Senior living – A Digital Platform

The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days. InTouchLink is a senior living solution; powerful but easy to use resident and family engagement software for senior living communities. Thesoftware is design to benefit its users at a multi-dimensional level. This digital platform offers features which not only benefits … Read more

How To Promote A New Game

Getting your game to be popular is a huge challenge, and often high-quality games will go under the radar while inferior ones seem to find great success. If you have recently launched a game, then you may be wondering the best ways to advertise and market the product so that you can generate awareness and … Read more

How A Gaming Chair Can Improve Your Performance

For many people, improving gaming performance can be a top priority. When you are playing competitively against your friends or even online, it can be very important to play as well as you can. Many people believe that gaming chairs are the key to performing better in games because of their many advantages. Here, we … Read more

How Online Gaming Can Help You Relax

As a professional, you will be using technology every single day, and perhaps you try to avoid it when you have any downtime. There are other types of people that love nothing more than rushing home from work, getting comfortable in their favorite chair and settling in for a night of gaming. If you fall … Read more

Why is retro gaming so popular?

When a new video game is hyped up, aspects that are often highlighted include the quality of the graphics and the hot new gameplay features. So, why do people continue to go back to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or the original Super Mario Bros? The boom in remasters and remakes … Read more

Tips on Marketing a Game

Creating a good game, with crisp graphics, a tight plot, and challenging yet achievable missions is just the first step. Big name video game companies already understand the importance of savvy marketing – and it shows with successful launches from EA and Microsoft. If you’re an independent game developer, take a page from the big … Read more

Games to Play To Pass The Time

In nowadays world, you have many games available on the internet. This means you can access them whenever you have wi-fi connection and also a computer. There are many different categories of these games like sports, action, race, girls, ability, management, and others. Many of these games have an incredible quality, that isn’t common on … Read more