What is Needed to Record Video Game Footage

Would you like to record video game footage so that you can share your exploits with others or maybe create some great gaming videos of your own to publish online? If you want to start down that path the first step is to understand exactly what you’ll need to record video game footage.

The main thing that you’ll need is game recording software. Typically this is software designed to record video footage from your screen, and is basically just like any screen recorder – but often has several optimizations to allow it to record games more effectively.

On some platforms the game recording software is built-in. That is especially the case of modern day consoles (such as PS4 or Xbox One), and even on PCs that run Windows 10. That being said the built-in software may not have the features that you want – particularly if you intend to do more than just record basic game footage.

One of the main features that you will want to look for in game recording software is the ability to add webcam overlays. Essentially this means a small window will be inserted on top of your video game footage containing video that is recorded via your webcam.

Needless to say for this feature to work you’ll also want a webcam – preferably one that can record in decent quality. Additionally you will want to have a high quality microphone to record crisp and clear commentary to accompany your video.

One way to quickly start to record games is to give Movavi Game Capture a try. It is a simple game recording software that you can quickly set up to record the footage that you need – and even add a webcam overlay.

Once you launch Movavi Game Capture you can set the ‘Capture Mode’ to ‘Game’ and then use the icons on the interface to set it to record audio from your speakers or microphone. The webcam icon will let you enable or disable recording video via your webcam, and you can then go to the ‘Settings’ to adjust the overlay parameters.

Aside from that in the ‘Video’ tab you can set the parameters for the video itself such as its resolution and frame rate. After that you can start playing your game and press F10 at any time to start or stop recording with Movavi Game Capture. When you do stop recording the video will be automatically saved, so you can continue playing and recording if you choose.

As you can see it is easy to set up and start recording video game footage with Movavi Game Capture. With its help all you really need is a microphone to record commentary and a webcam if you want to go down that route, and it will take care of the rest.