How to Make Your Gaming Experience More Realistic

Most PC gamers have their favorite type of game, whether its RPG, platform or racing. In many cases, although you like a specific type of game, it can be difficult to immerse yourself in the action fully. With driving games, for example, racing around your favorite circuit or driving a truck in downtown New York just isn’t the same if you are using a games controller or your keyboard. Thankfully, there are ways that you can make your driving experience seem that much better. Here are some of the ways gamers are creating a more realistic experience.

Is Your PC Powerful Enough?

If you are planning on running a game, you will probably already have a good gaming PC. However, if you are switching from a console, you will need to make sure that the PC you have is up to the task. A powerful processor, with lots of RAM and a good graphics card, are the things you will need to run the game smoothly. Lower spec machines may still be adequate, but you may have to sacrifice graphics quality to get it running well. There are websites that can scan your PC and tell you if you have the requirements to run a game. They are useful in telling you where you lack so you can upgrade.

A Racing Wheel

Probably the most obvious thing for driving games is a racing wheel. They give you far more feedback than a controller, and on the PC, there are fewer compatibility issues than on consoles. There are many examples out there that cross a whole range of specifications, like those on PerfectSimracer. Depending on the wheel you buy, they have a range of buttons and paddles to suit any game. There are those that are much like the F1 cars, and those that are more useful for rallying. The other good thing about racing wheels is that they are not permanent fixtures, so you can bolt them to your desk for a quick few laps, then take it off when you’ve finished.

Pedals and Gearshift

Some racing wheels will come with dedicated pedals and a gearshift as well, though some cheaper end wheels may not give you anything but the wheel. If you are going for a more realistic experience, you would need the whole package, otherwise, it might not feel the same. As with many things, especially in gaming, you get what you pay for, so it is worth paying as much as you can for the added built quality and reliability that comes with it.


If you want to get the best experience for gaming, you need to have a good-sized monitor. If you only have a small one, you won’t get that immersed feeling no matter what your set-up is. A large widescreen monitor with a good resolution is the least you will need, though you can do better than that. Some set-ups involve triple monitors arranged next to each other with the one in the middle facing and the two on either side slightly angled. That will give you a great wrapped around feel and make your gaming more of a challenge.

Gaming Chairs

The office chair that you are using with your desk is great for typing or doing paperwork, though, it isn’t so good for games. You can now buy a dedicated gaming seat that gives you good support. It also gives you a better sense of control, and some of them have built-in speakers. Many of them are easy to pack away when you are not using them, and they often come with a place to hold drinks and charging ports for controllers. The only issue with some of the chairs is that they might not have a stand for your monitor or television, which means you will need to use a table as well.

A Racing Cockpit

For those who have space, and like racing games, you could use a racing cockpit. They have a seat, plus a stand for a monitor and a side table for your gear shift if you have one. The all-metal designs are sturdy and can withstand even the most vigorous driving techniques. Some people use them as a cockpit and a place to work as you can have your keyboard and mouse on there. However, if you have the room for both, then it can remain as a dedicated gaming set-up.

Gaming Peripherals

There are some good additions that you can have for your PC that can add a new dimension to your gaming. Some of them are similar to those you can find for console games such as gun and sports adaptors. Others are more specialized such as a complete console for train driving simulators. If using them for a PC, it is worth checking first to see if they are compatible with the game and your hardware.

Virtual Reality

If you are looking for the best in immersive gaming, then virtual reality could be a good option. There are versions for the PC and console, so whatever type you have you can choose the best option. They have hand controllers that not only pick up your hand movements but also act as controllers for the game. The headset is where you get the best experience; there are two separate screens, one for each eye that delivers a slightly different image to both. It is this that fools your brain into thinking you are in a 3D world. There are some games now on the market that is compatible with this type of set-up, though the headset can also be used for other things. They can also be used as a 3D screen to show movies if you don’t have a 3D television.

Many things on the market can give the gamer a more realistic element to their games. Not all of them require a big set-up or lots of money to buy, so there should be something out there for all gamers needs.