Heroes Of The Storm Review

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard Entertainment’s latest addition to their online multiplayer games. What sets the game apart from the rest of the online multiplayer games created by Blizzard, is the fact that this game is a mashup of Blizzard’s different universes and characters, who get to fight in team based battlefields.

This means that you can use your favorite characters from games like Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, allowing you to settle the long time debates you have had with your friends about which character is the strongest.

The blending of the different worlds and characters make the game a lot of fun, and as expected, the game retains Blizzard’s quality and sense of humor.

In Heroes of the Storm, you can team up with your friends and go head to head with another group of players, and like any true fighting game, positioning, timing, and cooperation are important if you want to win the fights.

Each hero plays a distinct role, and brings a unique ability to the table, which means that there are hundreds of cool combos to use. The fights in this game happen early and often, so you won’t have to wait long before you get into your first skirmish.

One of the things that fans will appreciate about Heroes of the Storm is the fact that the fights usually won’t take longer than 20 minutes. There will be a few exceptions that go over the mark, but for the most part, the fights are kept short and sweet.

Leveling up in the game is a mixed bag, on one hand, you can only level up as a team, which is great because it means that there isn’t going to be a superior player in the group, because everybody’s skills will be the same. On the flip side, it makes it harder to carry an under- leveled team to an unexpected victory.

The game starts with seven battlegrounds, each of which has its own unique layout. It also seems like certain heroes are stronger on certain maps than others. The fact that some of the heroes have advantages on certain maps should be able to be used to a team’s advantage. Unfortunately, since you don’t know which map you will be playing on, it makes it difficult to plan ahead.

Heroes of the Storm is supposed to be a free game, but it can get expensive pretty quickly. New players have to pay for certain heroes that aren’t available from the beginning, and there are other items that they will be tempted to pick up along the way. Most of the items don’t have a big price tag, but the purchases start to add up after a while.

Storm of Heroes is a really fun gaming experience, not only because you have all your favorite Blizzard characters in one place. The world map is amazing, as are the fight scenes. If you enjoy Warcraft, and Diablo, you will definitely enjoy this game.