The Great Debate: What is the Ultimate Gaming Format?

When it comes to playing video games, there is often a debate about the best type of gaming. This is something people have debated for a long time. And it’s likely to depend on your point of view and gaming preferences. But, one thing’s for sure, this is a battle that’s going to be raging for a long time.


PC gaming is the original source of playing video games. And, despite the growth of console gaming, there is still a market for PC games. In fact, many people actually prefer PC gaming these days to any other form. And it’s possible to build your own gaming PCs now, fully equipped to fulfil all of your gaming needs. One of the big advantages is that the processing power of PCs tends to exceed that of consoles. There are also a high percentage of free-to-play PC games as well that are dominating that market now.


These days it’s pretty clear that console gaming rules the roost. In fact, the console game industry has grown significantly over the past decade. So much so that it’s estimated that currently, 4 out of 5 American households owns a video game console. This is a good indicator of how important and influential the video game industry has become. Indeed, the multi-billion dollar industry only looks set to grow in stature and influence as the years progress. With 155 million Americans regularly playing video games, it’s hard to see how the console market isn’t going to dominate for years to come.


Portable gaming has seen a decline in recent years since mobile gaming exploded. But it still holds an important and popular role. People like to be able to play their favorite games on the move. It’s sometimes not possible to play the games you love on a mobile, but you might be able to play them on a portable device. Devices like the PSP and Nintendo 3DS allow players to play portable and scaled down versions of their favorite games. Unfortunately, the rise of mobile gaming has seen a decline in handheld console gaming, and it may never recover from this.


There’s no doubt that mobile gaming represents the future for many of us. Ito is fun, quick and convenient. You can play games no matter where you might be. And the choices are almost limitless. And, through mobile gaming, you can enjoy things like MovieStarPlanet VIP for free. There are so many apps, extras and features that can really enhance gameplay in a mobile setting. And more and more people have developed an interest in gaming as a result of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming revenue in the US hit more than $3.25 billion in 2016! This shows how much the market is growing for this kind of gaming experience.

There has long been a debate about what constitutes the ultimate form of gaming. The longest battle has been between PCs and consoles. But in recent years we’ve had portable and mobile gaming as well. So it really depends on what you want to get out of it, and what your personal preferences are.