Games That Should Be Made (But Probably Never Will)

There are no two ways to phrase this: why are Hollywood studios so afraid of turning their films into video games? Sure, the majority of those that do get the video treatment is downright terrible, but that is because they sacrifice effort, story and graphics in favor of it getting these counterparts onto the shelves as quick as possible to capitalize on consumer buzz and thus make money. It is insane, especially when you give thought to those games that were given the right amount of respect. We’re talking about 007 Goldeneye, which changed first-person shooters forever, and Batman: Arkham City, which critics and gamers absolutely adored.

Of course, while these were anomalies and total exceptions to the rule, that doesn’t mean this kind of success can’t happen again. And so, with that in mind, we have come up with a list of films we would absolutely love to see get the video game treatment… if given the respect they deserve, that is.

John Wick

The way John Wick was filmed sets it up to break into a whole new style of game, one that hasn’t been explored as much as it could: Film Noir. There have only been a couple of notable titles in that area (LA Noire and Max Payne) so it is high time for a new entry and nothing would be better than John Wick. A master assassin that tries to remain stealth – like Metal Gear Solid – now we’re talking.

Kill Bill

You could argue that all of Tarantino’s films lend themselves to badass gameplay, but none more so than Kill Bill. This is partly because it is absolutely loaded with action and fighting, especially that scene where Uma fights the Crazy 88s. But just think about the whole idea of doing battle against the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad and the adventures you could go on as a player. You could even take it on a different journey and have the story set when the Deadly Vipers were still a united squad.


This is a film that no one should watch but an anime series that everyone should get addicted to. Don’t believe us, then just ask anyone with anime friends. It is a gritty story, much darker than a lot of other anime, with tons of scope for violence. But this just lends itself to the whole video game thing more. It is the story of Sawa, an orphaned schoolgirl that was brought up by a dodgy cop to be a deadly assassin. This revenge story would make for a sweet RPG game.

Cabin In The Woods

This would have never worked as a video game a few years ago, but nowadays, wow, it has the ability to be an absolutely knockout game if it is done right. Until dawn set the standard here, but it also paved the way for CITW to be a hit. So long as you could transition between players and make decisions that would ultimately depict who survived the night, you could have a great adventure horror on your hands here. There are just so many elements of decision making that could work, as well as so many crazy characters from monsters to mutants, ghouls to ax-murderers. Yeah, The Facility could be awesome.