Football Manager 2016 Review

rThe regular season is coming to its end. Yes, there’s Euro 2016, but you football fans will have to get your soccer fix elsewhere. Luckily for you, Football Manager 2016, the worlds biggest computer game, has the platform to bring out the same competitive, realistic nature from within in you. The video game could save your soccer-less summer, and it’s all in your hands how you handle it. The game is a must-play for many fans of the sport across the world, but its popularity tends to increase in the summer, where the transfer mill is in overdrive, and for those of you that just can’t take it, the game offers the chance to make your own footballing world. Could you replicate the dynasty Atletico Madrid has put in place in the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League?

Although many are used to cold, dark winter nights in front of their favourite computer games. Many enjoy a lot more free time during the summer months, and despite the sunshine, a whole host of games get played day in, and day out. People use a variety of online games to keep in touch with their friends, and to engage socially, all whilst having fun from the comfort of their own sofa.

Companies like Steam offer the chance to play exciting games, and to socialise at the same time, and it’s safe to say it’s revolutionising the way we game. FM 2016 is another Steam-hosted game, like Dota 2. The free-to-play multiplayer game, Dota, is up there with FM as one of the most-played online games, and did you know you can bet on Dota 2? While your summer will take a change of tone, Steam’s video games can provide you with hours of entertainment.

Will you use your summer down-time to experience your favourite video games in a way you’d never previously envisioned?

The baby brother to Real Madrid has made it to the UCL final. They will play their big brother, Real, hoping to lift the coveted prize. However, it’s not as clear-cut as it seems for Atleti.

Real has wealth, fame and talent like no other, so Atleti has had to man-manage every little inch of their franchise, hoping to compete, and for the last decade they’ve done pretty well.

Football Manager will provide one with a chance to take a club like Atleti and make them the pride of Madrid, much like Diego Simeone’s men have done in real life. Although you could lose hours of your freedom to this exciting, fun game, it might be just the cure for your boredom without football.

Perhaps you would like to take a club like West Ham, and take them to heights they’ve never seen, perhaps building a Atleti-like legacy of your own?

Simeone himself admitted “The final against Real Madrid is 50-50, we both know each other well. The aim is winning the final.”

He insisted “We’re showing to the people that it’s possible. It’s about life more than football. We’re very strong defending, but also we scored out of the Calderon [against Bayern], that is not easy. We’ve changed many players, but, fortunately, the new ones who’ve joined have got used very fast to the team. My team feels very identified with us, I’m very lucky to have them.”

Atleti has used a Football Manager like approach, overanalysing every little thing, all in the hopes of creating a big picture worth dreaming about. Lifting the UCL trophy would be exactly that, but it wouldn’t have been possible with the hard work behind the scenes, much like the game offers you the chance to do.

The club has a new stadium in the works. Also, it finds young talents and hones their skills, often taking players like Antoine Griezmann on to the next level, making them world-class superstars. Perhaps you can do the same, buying that 18-year-old wonder kid, and standing by him, developing his skills. All until he reaches that elite level of greatness.

While FM isn’t quite real-life football, it’s the next best thing, and it can satisfy your urge for competitive gaming, and to enjoy competitive sports. Whether you take on the challenge of Atleti, and your mate takes on Real, or you opt for another journey. You can enjoy a solo, or multiplayer journey to footballing fun, and it will provide hours of endless fun.

Some say the video game is too intense, with too much power, input and things to organise, however, as Atleti have prove, it’s needed in both the real, and virtual footballing world.

You can’t deny you’ve dreamed of making West Ham the pride of Europe, and now, with months of no club football, you can do just that.
Be warned, the summer season will soon fly be once you get in to the nitty-gritty fun of managing your club. Enjoy!