Five Things All Gamers Will Agree On!

Gaming might not be the most productive hobby, but it’s fun. It helps kill time when your bored, can take your mind off your the stresses of the day and you can meet new people too. While every gamer is a unique individual, there are plenty of things that we all have in common which I’m sure you will agree on! Here are just five of them.

Gaming is Expensive

It’s not just games that are expensive, but the technology you need to run them. A good gaming computer, great quality screen, up to date graphics card, gaming keyboard and mouse, headphones, speakers, VR headsets- it all adds up. Online subscriptions, DLC and game add ons all bump up the price too. But as a gamer, you can think of nothing else you would want to spend your money on more! It’s such a source of enjoyment that buying things to make your gaming experience better is always exciting.

Everyone Cheats

Let’s be honest, rules were made to be broken! When you use cheats in a game it adds another dimension to them, allows you to do and access parts of the game that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to- it’s not about just beating others. As a gamer you’ll know that lots of people use things like aimbot software, and chances are you’ve dabbled with it yourself at one time or another.

Gaming Friends are Awesome

Gaming is made so much more fun when you have a group of awesome people to play with. Through gaming you will have probably met people all over the world, and in many cases you’ll probably find yourself in more contact with these people than some of your real life friends. This is because communication is effortless, you don’t have to get up and go anywhere or make plans and you already share a common interest. What’s even better is when your real life friends love gaming too and you can play together!

You’re Never Bored

When you’re a gamer, you’re never bored. Whether it’s mornings, evenings, weekends, sick days, days off work, you always know you can load up your game and have an amazing time. While others might be able to lose themselves in the tv or in a book for a while, because gaming is interactive it grabs your attention better and often for longer too. It’s definitely addictive, but you’ll never hear a gamer complain they’re bored! If anything, there’s not enough time in the day to game.

Gaming Usually Wins Over Sleep

Every gamer has done it. They’ve loaded up their favourite game, and before they know it the hours have flown by. Sitting up all night having a gaming marathon and then feeling tired the next day is something that all gamers will be familiar with. Particularly if you’re having a great time chatting to people and playing multiplayer games together. Constant lack of sleep is very unhealthy, so try and keep this habit to a minimum if you can!