The Evolution Of Online Gaming

As technology and digital media progress at a rapid rate, companies around the world scramble to keep up. Most people are now growing up in a world where processing speeds and graphics cards are being churned out and upgraded at such a rapid rate, that the call for more evolved gaming has become louder and louder. Digital gaming only ever existed in labs fifty years ago, with Atari and Space Invaders being about as evolved as it got. Now? Now, we scramble for the latest and greatest consoles and gaming companies are developing virtual reality gaming faster than you can think.

It’s a part of our routine and culture now, to play or at least know about video games and the average gamer is no longer a teenager! The average game player is now in their thirties, according to this report. It’s a legitimate way to unwind but also to strategize. We mentioned that video games used to be a thing developed in labs, but the evolution of gaming isn’t just about the differenced in the Lara Croft of the 90’s compared to the graphics now, but it’s about what has been created simply because of video games.

The gaming industry has gone from being simply discs you put into a console, to being in the cloud around us. Wherever you are, you can access games simply by being online. We’ve gone from large arcade game boxes to using our smartphones to access the latest and greatest gaming apps. Entertainment lies in the graphics, the reality and the fun that can be had by playing multiple people online from around the world at the same time. If you are looking for other reasons gaming has evolved, look to the employment market. Any college worth its salt now offers digital courses for computing, game designers and other UX designer roles so that as we slide further into the digital sphere, we have experts to keep us developing.

We humans are very social creatures. We like to work hard and play hard, and entering into a world that we don’t belong to via the console or computer is an escape from the stress of everyday life. The online gaming industry is exploding with continued growth, and with online role-playing games and the newest in virtual reality, gaming is likely to grow even further away from physical consoles. The future is happening right now and we are in the thick of it. Smart phones, laptops and tablets are evolving faster than anything and so gaming and app developers need to move quickly to keep up, too. If you are interested in the gaming industry as a whole, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not just new apps and consoles being created, but jobs and new avenues for work. Gaming isn’t just something that people do to unwind anymore – it’s evolving for businesses and changing the face of digital tech. It’s an exciting time!