Everything You Need To Create The Ultimate Gaming Room

Want to make your gaming experience a little more unique? If so, why not think about investing a bit more into turning your bedroom, basement, or spare room into the ultimate games room? You don’t need a fortune – although, of course, money will help. But if you ease off the games and console buying for a while, you will be able to put a significant amount of cash into upgrading your experience. Let’s take a look at everything you need to create the perfect games room.

Technical planning

All successful projects – whether professional or amateur – start with a perfect plan. And that even applies to something as simple as upgrading your room for a complete gaming experience. The big idea is to create a comfy but practical environment where you – and your friends – can play games uninterrupted and in maximum comfort. There are design issues, of course, but there are also technical considerations. For example, are there enough power points in your room, or will you need to arrange for an electrician? Is the WiFi signal from your router strong enough, or will you need to invest in a booster?

A point of focus

The main point of interest in the perfect games room is, of course, the screen you watch on. In an ideal world, try to find the best 50 inch tv you can afford as a bare minimum. The more real estate you have on your screen, the better you and your friends will enjoy the experience.

Storage and display

Consider sensible display options that maximize your room’s space. Mounting your TV or monitor on the wall is advisable, as it makes perfect use of unused vertical space. Storage is critical, too – with all those games flying around it is easy for a gamer’s room to become cluttered.

Equipment protection

Your games consoles and computer terminals will all need a space, of course. But don’t forget to invest in a little protection for your gear. Surge protectors will keep your console safe in the event of a power surge, while cable ties will keep all those loose wires tidy and out of harm’s way.


Don’t forget about lighting – so many gamers fail to acknowledge the problems that screen glare can cause. Keep your screen positioned so glare is at a bare minimum, away from direct sunlight and bright lamps. You will need light, however, as playing in the pitch black could lead to eyestrain. Think about installing a dimmer switch, so you have more control. Black lights can also help and give off a cool UV effect.


Finally, make sure you and your friends are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. Spending long periods in front of a games console or PC can cause significant problems for your back, so ensure you invest wisely in a proper gaming chair or a comfortable couch. We put together some more ideas for gaming in maximum comfort, so take a look for some more tips.

Do you have the ultimate gaming room in your pad? Why not let us know about it in the comments section below?