The Education & Training You Need To Become A Game Designer

While some gamers are perfectly content with creating the perfect game room and spending hours relaxing on a good game, others would much prefer to create their own games. Unfortunately, creating your own video game isn’t as simple as simply wanting to, especially if you want to make a living from it. There are specific education and training that is required for you to be hired as a video game designer and further training that you can take on the job. Here is an overview of the most important types of training.

High School Classes

You are much more likely to get accepted onto a game design class in college if you take related classes in high school, such as art, design, and creative writing. Without taking at least one of these classes, you might find it hard to get accepted into a game design college course.

College Classes

After you graduate high school and enrol in college, there is a range of different game design related classes and course available to you. These courses include computer programming, game design and development, and computer science. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for jobs in game design, so even if you don’t take any further training, you will be much more likely to get a job if you have taken one or more of these classes in college.

Software Application Training

If you were intending to become a web designer, then you might be required to take some HTML training classes to teach you to hand code web pages. Software application training is the game design equivalent. It will teach you how to work with a with a variety of game-development software applications, as well as code, digital audio, and artificial intelligence.

Story And Character Development Training

If you want to create your own video games, you are going to need to be creative, as you are essentially story writing, which is why it makes a lot of sense for you to have taken a creative writing class, whether in high school, or after. Story and character development training will help you with writing scripts, creating characters and their backstories, and transferring this information onto storyboards that flow smoothly.  Online tools to collectively bring your story together can streamline the whole design process.

Market Research Training

Although it isn’t always necessary, some employers might prefer you to have some marketing training. This would help you out with coming up with new and innovative games that are engaging to your target audience. This will also help you with marketing your game ideas to colleagues, employers, and other important people in the video game design business. With this training, you would have a much better chance of being employed, or even having your video game ideas listened to, than you would have without it.

It’s not easy planning, designing, and creating your own video games, and it’s even harder to earn a living from it. However, if you ensure you have the training and education listed above, you have a much better chance than those without it.