Computer Games That Will Get You Started With Cryptocurrency

Games aren’t just about having fun. They can also be valuable tools to help you learn new skills in a safe environment. These games will help to ease you into the world of crypto. 

Blockchain technology is on the cusp of mass adoption following Bitcoin’s spectacular bull run. Record trading levels have been reported by both large exchanges like ICE and retail brokers that specialize in user-friendly platforms for consumers. New research shows an increasing interest on the part of institutional investors too. 

Perhaps you want to get involved with crypto as well. Unfortunately, blockchain isn’t easy to understand. Getting your kid, or yourself, into crypto could open the doors to real opportunities in the future. But diving into BTC trading or development is a difficult way to learn.  Instead, you can use these games to help ease you into the world of cryptocurrency. 

CryptoKitties: Crypto Assets Trading and Smart Contracts

Released in 2017, CryptoKitties was one of the earliest blockchain games. Based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, the game allows players to collect a variety of unique, semi-randomized, “CryptoKitty” cards. These cards are generated by combining the code of two unique assets, stored on the blockchain, to create a new one with features of both! 

Each cat is unique and can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain for real money. There are around 4 billion possible cats, with some combinations designed to be significantly rarer than others. This system was one of the first easily accessible examples of a tangible (if digital) on-chain asset. 

At its height, the game was so popular that it caused significant slowdowns on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a useful introduction to the concept of digital assets stored on a blockchain. This design forms the core of many real-world uses for cryptocurrency, for example pegging insurance contracts to the blockchain. And CryptoKitties is a good way to see how this works in action. 

CryptoZombies: Learn How to Code Smart Contracts 

A large number of new cryptocurrency projects, including most of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, are built using Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol. This has created a huge demand for developers skilled in the platform’s native programming language Solidity. Programming isn’t always easy to grasp and the CryptoZombies game can help ease anyone into it by building their own game. 

The game works in a similar way to popular programming websites like Codecademy. It gives users a simple introduction to programming languages through short lessons that can be completed in a browser. The end-goal of the lessons is to create a game that is a zombified clone of CryptoKitties. 

Once you’ve finished coding your zombies, you are able to pit them against other players in an MMO strategy game. While some coding experience helps, the site has a version called Libra, designed for students with no programming experience.

This kind of program is useful for anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career as a blockchain developer. 

Altcoin Fantasy: Practice Crypto Trading Without the Risks 

Trading crypto is easy — you can do it with established exchanges and brokers — even on your phone. But taking that step can be daunting — especially for someone without a background in stocks or commodities. You’re always at risk of losing your money and this can deter people from jumping into the market. 

This is where Altcoin Fantasy comes in. This game gives players a taste of what cryptocurrency trading is actually like, without the associated risks. 

Players receive a starting sum of $100,000 (virtual) to use across various contests. Players need to understand how to time the market, know when to buy, or short, and learn when to take profits. Additionally, the platform provides a plethora of training materials to help newbies get a grasp of the theories of crypto trading. It is also possible to exchange the internal virtual currency (ACF) for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. 

This kind of game is particularly useful as it enables budding traders to make mistakes with fake money, before putting their hard-earned capital at risk. 

Games Represent a Gateway to the World of Cryptocurrency 

While cryptocurrency adoption is speeding it up it is broadly limited to the world of finance. Over time, blockchain technologies will likely see more widespread adoption. That means understanding them will be important for all of us. Games, like the three listed above, are a useful tool for introducing novices into the crypto world.