Can Battery Life Be Mobile Gaming’s Downfall

Smartphones and tablets are very important in daily life and are used for just about everything from communication, online activities and storing information to playing songs, films and games. Mobile devices have come a long way and can do practically anything a computer can, which has given comfort and convenience to mobile users.

Playing games on mobile devices such as smartphones, or even smart watches or other wearables has offered endless hours of enjoyment for all. It is a perfect way to pass time or procrastinate and even have a few moments of fun and relaxation while going about our busy lives.

The problem with mobile gaming is however that there is no endless power supply and unless you have access to a charger, your gaming may be cut short. This is due to many games being so powerful they deplete the battery life of the device much faster.

This fact, along with some games eating too much data and other reasons, can make mobile gaming the lesser chosen option to many but the convenience of it and advances in technology surrounding batteries and wireless chargers may just the be the reason mobile gaming will not die out.

Tips for Saving Battery Life While Gaming

There are a handful of misconceptions about what kills smartphone batteries and how to keep them going longer. Batteries from different manufacturers, for different mobile devices, have various life expectancies and run out of power according to the device’s usage.

There is no sure way of guaranteeing extreme longevity of battery life while playing real money mobile games or any other payment method, but there are a few tips that will help to prolong it as much as possible.

One of the first things to do is to dim the screen. This goes for any kind of usage but it can extend battery life while playing games. High end quality games have superior and sharp graphics that may eat away at the battery life, but can still be visible on a dimmed screen.

Smartphones and tablets come with a power saving mode which should be enabled to prolong battery life. These days most of the games for mobile devices come with an already built in power saving feature which can be enabled to save battery power. Games will also have settings that can be minimized such as graphics and animations.  

Sound does enhance the ambiance of the game, but turning down the volume or having no sound at all prolongs the device’s battery life, as does switching off all apps that are running in the background. Turning on flight mode may disable the device from working as a phone or online device, but it will allow you to play a lot longer than usual.

The Top Tip for Serious Players

Technology has brought about portable chargers that can either be charged in a separate power source or through solar charging and then plugged into the mobile device for charging. Serious players will never have to worry about battery life during any mobile gaming with portable chargers.

It is wise to ensure that the portable charger is fully charged before taking it with you, but this is a great way to keep on gaming on the go and not having to worry about the battery dying.