Calling In The Big Guns When Housemates Threaten To Ruin Your Gaming

Living with housemates can be fantastic. Finally, you’re out of the family home. You can spend hours playing your favorite games, and your mom won’t even know. Ahhh, bliss.

At least, it could be, if your housemates didn’t keep getting in the way of your gaming experience. You may have thought your parents were annoying, but housemates can take things to a whole new level. Worse, you can’t tell them to stop what they’re doing, This is, after all, a joint space. They pay as much rent as you do, so there’s nothing you can do.

Or, is there? You may not be able to tell them to change their behavior. But, nothing’s stopping you making changes to the way you do things. Here are some of the main issues you might face, and a few simple ways you can work around them.

Your game keeps buffering

There’s nothing worse than a game which keeps buffering. More often than not, a lag at the wrong moment results in your untimely death. In no time at all, your blood’s boiling, and you see red. You storm into the other room, only to find that one of your housemates is watching Netflix. That explains it. And, as much as you want to tell them your games are more important than their programs, you have to bite your tongue.

Fear not; there is a simple solution. Buying a gaming router, like the ones reviewed at HotRate, will ensure that your router can prioritise tasks. Namely, gaming. As far as your housemates will be concerned, it’s a good deed. You bought better internet for the house as a whole. And, you’ll be able to play without distraction!

There’s too much noise

Sadly, noise is part and parcel of living with other people. This is especially true if there are a lot of you. Some days, you may find it impossible to hear yourself think. And, to be fair, you probably contribute a fair bit with your gaming noise.

But, not being able to hear when you’re playing could prove a problem. This is especially true in story-heavy games with a lot of cut-screens. You’ll have no idea what’s going on! To solve the issue, invest in a pair of gamer headphones, like the V-MODA Crossfade Wireless. The heavy bass and memory foam earcups on these babies are sure to keep outside noise where it should be, leaving you to enjoy your game again.

They insist on letting light in

It’s inconvenient, we know, but other people actually like to open the curtains during the day. It freshens the place, or so they say. But, nothing’s worse than screen glare for putting you off your stride. What’s the point in playing at all when half your screen is lost behind a beam of sunlight?

To get around the issue, consider what times you play. Why not wait until everyone’s out, or until it’s dark outside? Failing that, you could always just hermit in your room…