Best portable gaming device

Portable gaming has always had a charm about itself, right from the days of original Nintendo Game Boy. With portable gaming devices, the gaming is not just restricted to your living room. With passage of time, the handheld gaming devices have evolved quite significantly, and the quality of graphics that these devices can support these days is incredible. You can get a console like graphics and gaming performance, with some of titles available in console being available on these portable devices as well. With significant advancements in portable gaming and with addition of new titles, let us look at some of the best portable gaming device for 2015:

Nintendo 3DS XL:

Nintendo 3DS XL has a great appeal amongst kids and young gamers, with several titles sporting kids friendly certificates. The colors and animations of most games are also made to attract the younger audiences. But it would be wrong to brand it as a kids only device as games such as Super Mario 3D, Zelda and Smash Bro have appeal beyond age limits. In addition, there are some adult focused gaming titles on the Nintendo platform. The 3DS XL has two screens, one of which sports glass free 3D and the other one is a 2D touchscreen. The upper screen that displays 3D has a screen size of 4.88 inches and a resolution of 800 X 240 pixels. The lower touchscreen measures 4.18 inches and it offers a resolution of 240 X 240. The device comes with WiFi and NFC connectivity for multiplayer gaming. While the graphics capabilities of 3DS XL may be behind the competition, the backward compatibility with DS titles offers a huge library of games to choose from.

Play Station Vita Slim:

Play Station Vita Slim comes with great battery life, good ergonomics and remote play capabilities with PS4. The latest Vita comes with a downgrades LCD screen, which is inferior to the OLED screen in the original Vita. The Vita slim comes with quad-core processor and graphics card, giving it enough grunt under the shell. The Vita slim comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and it skips the 3G connectivity which was available in the original Vita.

Nvidia Shield:

The Nvidia Shield is a relative new comer in the portable gaming space, but it has carved its own space with focus on hard-core gamers. Both Android and PC games can be played on this device. To enjoy the PC gaming, you need to be remotely connected to your PC that has GeForce graphics card. You can stream games from your PC from anywhere in the world. The device comes with a 5-inch HD screen and 6 hours battery life.