What you need to know about instant games

Instant games are gaining in popularity among gambling fans, although they appeared quite recently. However, this has not prevented them from becoming favorite and relevant among visitors to online casinos, as well as among those who are engaged in betting. The reason for this is simple: such entertainments have fascinating gameplay, and also do not … Read more

The Best Video Games for Baseball Lovers

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Game Basics – How to Play Word Games

Word games have a number of benefits. Playing them boosts your word power, and it can enhance your memory and problem-solving skills. It may be a stress-reliever or a fun social activity. But the benefits will depend on the game you’re playing. Here’s an overview of how to play some of the most popular word … Read more

How Cryptocurrency Could Help Eliminate Gaming Money Laundering

The online gambling and gaming industry has become a haven for money laundering and blockchain technology could help fight it. In the past, money laundering was relatively easy. After all, money cycles normally in the economy. People put their money in investments and withdraw what looks, on the surface, like different money. But law enforcement … Read more

How Games Could Incorporate Crypto to Improve Their Existing Digital Currencies

Digital currency in gaming is nothing new but cryptocurrency could make it fairer and more secure.  Gaming is big business. In 2017 microtransactions alone were worth more than $2.94 billion and 87% of gamers have made an in-game purchase.  This trend has helped to turn free-to-play games, like Fortnite, into money-making machines. In 2019, Fortnite … Read more

The Best Ways to Enjoy Gaming On The Go

Mobile gaming devices are no new concept. Flops like the Nokia N-Gage and more successful tales like the Game Boy paved the way for the Nintendo Switch, and mobile gaming as a whole. It’s clear that there has always been interest in having gaming-capable mobile consoles, but is 2020 a good time for you mobile … Read more

Why smartphones are this generation’s Game Boy

Smartphones have taken over almost every facet of our everyday lives. They are personal computers in our palms. While there are some quarters that like to argue that the smartphone has diluted interaction between people, there are more than enough reasons to disprove this. The main one being that the smartphone has allowed for more … Read more

Top Data Science Use Cases in Gaming

The use of data science in gaming and other industries is on the rise. Gaming was once viewed as an activity for teenagers and those who are unemployed, but now, gaming is an investment that many are trying to get their hands on. In order to make the gaming world more competitive, game developers are … Read more