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Top 15 Gaming Gifts for the Gamer in Your Life

Did you know 2.69 billion people were playing video games around the world in 2020? The number of players is expected to grow at a rate of more than 5% each year. 

With millions of video game players, you probably have a gamer in your life. If you do, you might be considering some gaming gifts for the upcoming holiday season or as a birthday gift. 

If you’re unsure about what kind of gift to choose, this guide should give you some great ideas. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. A Nintendo Switch

A brand new console is what every gamer wants most during the holiday season. While they might already own a gaming console or two, they could also do with an upgrade. 

One of the most popular gaming consoles today is the Nintendo Switch. The portable console is the best option because it’s convenient to use for gamers of all ages. It’s an easy console to learn for newbies to the gaming world as well. 

If the gamer in your life doesn’t already have a Nintendo switch, they probably want one. Due to their popularity, these consoles sell out fast. Make sure you order it in advance of the holiday season. 

2. A Gaming Headset 

Other gifts for gamers to consider are gaming headsets. One of the most important aspects of choosing a gaming headset is the sound quality.

These headsets are meant to be used when playing with other gamers. This is why the sound quality is vital.

A gamer should be able to hear all the players without any lag. They should also be able to speak through the mic without issue. 

You’ll need to consider the design of the headset too. Choose your loved one’s favorite color or a design from one of their favorite games. 

3. A TV Backlight

A gamer’s setup is just as important as the consoles or games they have. This is why a backlight for their TV is a great gift idea. 

Choose LED light strips with 3M adhesive on the back. This makes them easy to place on the TV. 

Some of the color options include red, blue, or white lights. Choose lights with different brightness settings. This will help prevent glare and eye strain, especially if your loved one enjoys playing video games for hours on end. 

4. A New Soundbar 

Other gaming gift ideas include upgrading the sound system for the gamer in your life. If your favorite gamer doesn’t do much online gaming with other players, they won’t need a headset. 

Something they will enjoy is a new soundbar. This will improve the sound quality of their gaming room. This is a great option for gamers who play from their TV and enjoy surround sound. 

You’ll want to choose a soundbar with deep bass. This will ensure a wrapping sound that feels more immersive. 

5. Video Game Soundtracks

If you have a video game enthusiast in your life who also loves music, video game soundtracks are the perfect gift. Since they probably already have an impressive collection of video games, you can get them interested in a new collection. 

Vinyl albums are a unique thing to start collecting. Music sounds much richer on vinyl. The presentation of the album cover is a beautiful work of art on its own. 

You can find many video game soundtracks on vinyl for purchase online or in bookstores. 

6. A Gaming Subscription 

Video game lovers will probably enjoy this gift more than anything else. A gaming subscription is a great gift when you’re not too sure what kind of games to choose for your loved one. With a subscription, they’ll get to choose the games they want to play. 

The Apple Arcade subscription offers a variety of games for all kinds of gaming interests. With more people playing mobile games, this is a great way to access gaming more conveniently. 

7. They’ll Love a VR Headset 

Virtual reality is the next stage in gaming and one many gaming enthusiasts are excited about. A VR headset is a much more immersive way to play alone or with other gamers. 

This is a great way to disconnect from the real world and enter a world of fun for a few hours. You can also stream television shows and movies with a VR headset. This means your loved one can share their headset with those who know less about gaming but want to check out the technology. 

8. A Gaming Phone Case 

The gaming nerd in your family will also enjoy showing off their love for gaming with the accessories they carry with them. Consider choosing a gaming-style phone case as a stocking stuffer this holiday season. 

Game Boy-style phone cases are the most popular online. If the gamer in your life is a millennial, there’s a good chance they grew up playing with a Game Boy. 

This phone case will evoke nostalgia for the bliss of childhood days spent playing old video games. 

9. A Controller for Their Phone 

Since mobile gaming has become so popular in the last few years, you should consider a controller that adapts to smartphones. Choose a controller that wraps around your phone or connects to either side. 

These controllers include the same buttons any other controller has. This makes them easy to use when playing games on your phone. With this controller, it’ll be much easier to take your games everywhere you go. 

10. A New Laptop or Monitor

For those gamers who enjoy gaming at home, you should consider purchasing a new monitor for them. A larger monitor will feel expansive enough to enrich the gaming experience. Curved and wide monitors are the best option for a higher quality image while gaming. 

For something more compact, you should consider a laptop or tablet made for gaming. It’s important to look for deals on gaming laptops ahead of time to ensure you find something affordable but high quality as well. 

11. Other Desktop Accessories 

Other gaming gadgets that make great gifts include accessories for desktop gaming. If your loved one prefers to game from their computer, they’ll need a few upgrades to make their experience more enjoyable. 

A wireless keyboard is a great gift idea. This makes it easier to connect your computer to your TV screen. A light-up keyboard is a fun feature for a gaming keyboard.

You should also consider choosing a gaming mouse for the computer gamer in your family. There are wireless options, but a wired mouse prevents you from having to change batteries all the time. 

12. A Gaming Chair 

A quality chair is important whether you work at a computer or like to game for hours at a time. Back support is important, so you don’t end up with pain after a gaming session. 

This is why there are desk chairs made specifically for gamers. The gamer in your life will enjoy this upgrade to their gaming setup. 

Choose an adjustable chair that offers lumbar support as well. Some chairs even offer built-in speakers for a more surround sound experience. 

13. Gaming Decor 

Consider gifting a gamer some decor for their gaming room. This will make their gaming space feel a lot cooler. 

Choose pieces that reflect the types of games they like most. If the gamer in your life is an avid PlayStation gamer, you can choose a light in the shape of the PlayStation icons for their desk. 

Another option includes plush toys of their favorite video game characters. Animal Crossing plush toys are very popular these days. 

14. New Games 

Physical copies of games are a great gift idea if you know what games your loved one wants or what kinds of games they enjoy.

Choose some family game options like Psychonauts 2. This game is available for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. The concept of the game involves jumping into people’s brains to clear their mental blocks. 

Hades is another popular game available to play on most platforms. It involves trying to escape the underworld with gifts from the Greek gods. 

15. Christmas Themed Gaming Gifts

If you want to keep with the holiday spirit, you should consider giving the game lover in your life some holiday-themed gifts. 

Choose a gaming Christmas sweater or an ornament of one of their favorite video game characters. 

The Best Gaming Gifts You Should Choose

If you’re looking for gaming gifts for some of the gamers in your life, you should consider the items on this list.

A new gaming laptop would come with access to a lot more games. Consider gifting your loved one a new soundbar to improve the sound in their gaming room. Your options abound!

Check out some of the other gaming blogs on our site for more gift ideas. 

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