Software for Senior living – A Digital Platform

The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days. InTouchLink is a senior living solution; powerful but easy to use resident and family engagement software for senior living communities.

Thesoftware is design to benefit its users at a multi-dimensional level. This digital platform offers features which not only benefits the residents and seniors living in the community but also the internal staff members who relentlessly work for sharing of information through circulars, memos and other related handout onto the lobby of different building in the community. Itsassisted living software which helps its users with staying connected with the community at large.  It is a digital platform which only requires internet connection and exposes the users to a world of engagement and connectedness. This software can be accessed at the user’s ease and comfort and it not community radar specific. It can be accessed anywhere even from a remote locate, private home, retirement community or any other place. The only thing to keep it working is an internet connection. With the fast paced world, there is hardly any time left for interaction even within he family members, residents or seniors living in the community. This platform helps the users communicate efficiently and have feeling of security and ease. For a hassle free experience, this application is also a relief to the internal staff members working relentlessly for the members of the community. In the event of any cancellation of the event, meeting updates or any other happenings in the community, the system automatically updates and the turnaround time is way quicker. The user gets a notification once he logs into the system and this not only saves time but also helps him/her plan things in accordance.

Benefits of Using the Software

One of the InTouckLink senior living software features is to help user to stay in touch with the different members of the family, community and also the seniors living in the community. Seniors in the community generally have a lone feeling of insecurity. There is a feeling of exclusion if not combated with the positive attitude. The community members usually hesitate in adapting to this new way of technology assuming that may be tricky or difficult. Infact, the senior on the community too feel that they might not be able to understand the browser or the format of usage. But this platform is so easy and quickly adjusts to the pace of the user, such as even the low vision seniors can access it easily. The comfortable single large grip click button allows the user to not get confused on multiple clicks. There are very simple menus and tab inbuilt on the application. Even the weather updates and the latest trending news can be accessed by clicking on tab enlisted on the page. The system also offers music listening and add to playlist options to save the favorite music numbers of the user. The videos and photo album uploading feature facilitates storing memories.

How to Land a Job as a Video Game Programmer

You’ve probably heard the mantra: “do what you love.” Luckily, as a gaming programmer, you are one of the few who can really do so and live comfortably. However, the gaming industry is not always easy to get into and can get competitive at times. But if you go about it the right way, you could land a position as a video game programmer fairly quickly. Here is how you can land a position in the gaming industry.

Get the Education

There are very few specialised college courses on game programming. However, getting into a special academy like Full Sail can never hurt. In most cases, all it will take is creativity, knowledge, relevant credentials and experience to get a position.

If you do decide to get a bachelor’s degree in game programming, you should expect to work on C++, object oriented design, calculus, network fundamentals and computer graphics. Outside game programming, other degrees that could get you into game design include computer science and computer engineering. In both cases, you’ll need good prior knowledge of trigonometry, calculus, basic algorithms and linear algebra.

Build a Portfolio and Sell it

Contrary to what you may think, positions aren’t always posted, and you have to do some legwork to find positions instead of waiting for a company to post them. The first thing you should do is build a solid portfolio of your work. One great way to start is to create your own mini game, or a mod of an existing game. This could be a great way to show your talent, expertise and vision.

Next, you should start gathering the contact information of project managers and pitch to them. You could use a service like to start gathering email addresses of key people at web development companies and send them a link to your game and website. This will be a great way to get your foot in the door and show what you can do.

Get an Entry Level Job

A lot of entry level programmers may have difficulty finding a spot with a gaming development company since most of them demand that their candidates have prior experience. Many programmers decide to land a job with a smaller studio, often working on social media or mobile games. This is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself and get some notches under your belt. Furthermore, having experience on many platforms will also make you a more complete programmer.

Network, Network, Network!

Don’t be afraid to go out and congregate where game developers are. Go on conventions, join boards and forums, post on blogs, etc. In many cases, you’ll find potential business contacts asking for portfolios or even post jobs that are not available to the public. You’ll also be able to showcase your expertise by helping others by offering solutions.


While getting a position in the gaming industry can seem like a challenge, it’s perfectly possible if you know how to go about it. These few tips should be more than enough to improve your chances of getting the job you’ve always dreamed of.

How To Rent A Meeting Room In Beverly Hills For Cheap

Most of modern business communications are conducted via email, messenger, or Skype. However, there are times when a face-to-face meeting is in order. In such cases, you may want to impress your client with a luxurious conference room in a lucrative location. Or, maybe, you want to treat your team to something fancy. If you are looking for a great place for a business meeting you should consider a conference room rental.

How It Works: Several companies offer Los Angeles meeting rooms for rent in various locations including Beverly Hills. Most rental companies will allow you to rent a room for several hours at a time- which should be long enough for your meeting. Renting also means that you will only pay for the amount of time that you reserve.

Other Benefits: If you need to rent conference rooms on a regular basis, consider a company that offers multiple benefits such as a virtual address or answering service. Having a “high end” address on your business card can help draw prospective clients and gain your business immediate respect and notice. Meanwhile, an answering service means that you and your team aren’t tethered to the phones and that you will never miss an important phone call.

Choosing a Rental Company: When looking for a company that rents rooms you should consider the company’s reputation and responsiveness to your requests, as well as other amenities that are offered. When comparing prices, it is important to also compare other benefits. For instance, a company that offers a virtual address as well as conference rooms may charge a bit more, but you may also have the option of selecting a specific packaged deal to best suit your needs. Global Business Centers offers different packages to tailor to your specific wants and needs, at the most affordable prices.

What Are POS Systems and Should You Incorporate Them

A POS system is a point of sale system that allows you to accept credit card or debit card payments at your location of the business. This can be done with a wireless credit card processing machine or a system that is set up on your counter such as a traditional machine. The POS systems allow you to accept a variety of payments but they go much further than payment processing. Take a look at some of the things you can do with these items to make your business run more streamlined than ever.

Run Reports

The POS machine such as the Clover Station can help you to keep up with inventory, time sheets, and customer reports all in one convenient location. There’s no more need for multiple files and systems when the one station can do it all. It’s more than just processing a credit card for your client that walks in the door. You can even run reports, put in orders, or track customer sales for items that you might need to keep in stock more often.

Flexible Options

With such offerings as portable swipe machines and payments on the go, the POS systems from Merchant Account Solutions are a must-have addition to your business. Whether you’re in a trade such as plumbing or electricity or you have a storefront location, the POS systems can take your business further than cash only.

With the experience and technology behind Merchant Account Solutions offerings, you can rest assured that you’ll love the ease of use and processing their POS systems offer. Streamline your business with one location for everything or simply start offering mobile services with credit card acceptance on the go. Whatever your business is, the option to accept all forms of payment, including smart-pay options, opens doors for your business to go further than ever.

Tech Trends that Ultimately Flopped

Since the beginning of time, people have been inventing and will continue to until the end of time. Most inventions are ingrained in our everyday lives that we cannot imagine, or barely remember, a world where they don’t exist.

Technology has evolved tremendously and produced amazing things. There have however been numerous technological failures that have occurred regardless of how great they were for their time. Some were pointless trends while others simply failed for other reasons. 

The Ouya Indie Game Console

Ouya planned to be unique in the video game console market where players could also act as developers. It never really made a success within the indie console industry as there many complaints about the controller’s construction, the poor graphics and low quality interface.

Generally, it was not a well-received console even after gaining massive interest online. Huge amounts of money were brought in as Kickstarter funds but by the time the console was ready for distribution, it was not as popular anymore.

Mattel’s Intellivision Home Game Console

The Intellivision from Mattel was released back in 1979 as an innovative home game console. It was developed very soon after its main competitor released the Atari 2600 and boasted graphics and sound that put the Atari 2600 to shame.

It was the very first 16 bit gaming system, the very first one that featured voice synthesis and also the first to have downloadable games that were downloaded via cable. The Intellivision was designed poorly and marketing on the console was not great which ultimately led to Mattel selling it off and its eventual demise.  

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a major disappointment because the phone itself receive rave reviews and was ideal for the games of online baccarat Canada loves to play, and for players across the globe to get their gaming fix on the go too. Soon after the phone was launched, there were reports of it catching fire. The fires were caused by the batteries in the device and Samsung had to issue a recall.

Replacement phones also caught fire which ultimately led to the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. At this time Samsung issued software updates that disabled any remaining phones and eliminated the ability for them to work as mobile smartphones.

Quick Response or QR Codes

QR codes, which stands for quick response codes, have been seen all over for about the last decade. The resemble barcodes and have the same purpose as them but they have the ability to hold much more information than regular barcodes.

QR codes were originally created to track parts in the motor industry but are now used all over. The problem is that no one really knows what they are or what to use them for which makes them slightly pointless in many regards.

The DIVX Plus Player

DIVX may be seen as one of the worst tech flops because from its inception, it almost had no hope. The whole idea behind DIVX was that it was a way to rent a film for a day or two and once finished the film was discarded of.

Unlike a real life DVD rental, there were no special features but it did need a separate player in order to work. The video rental industry fought against it and DIVX not quite measuring up to that industry which led to it flopping dismally.

Review of Social Media Leader in 2016

Since it was introduced over a decade ago, social media has changed the way we live and do business because it allows people from all over the world to connect with each other without having to pay anything, which is very convenient. Businesses have also been quick to embrace social media because it provides them with a great marketing tool that helps them build their brands.

In 2014, My Voucher Codes conducted a study to determine which companies are the leaders when it comes to social media. Due to the study’s success, and the evolving social media landscape, the company decided to update the study in 2016.

In 2014, the social media leader was Google, which at the time had an estimated value of $382 billion. Today, the online search giant is worth an estimated $525 billion.

Facebook was the second leading social media in 2014 with an estimated value of $190 billion. Today, the social media giant is worth an estimated $314.8 billion.

Twitter comes in at third with an estimated worth of $49 billion in 2014. Today, the company is worth $32.9 billion.

Yahoo, which lost its market share in the online search niche to Google was worth an estimated $35 billion in 2014, Today, Yahoo is worth an estimated $35.5 billion.

In 2014, LinkedIn was worth $75 billion, but today, the company’s net worth has dropped significantly to $15.8 billion.

Going by the list, Facebook still trails Google in terms of net worth, but the company’s social media platform is said to be lightyears ahead of Google’s social media platform, Google+, which has seen a decline in users in recent years.

The decline in Google+ users is said to be big enough to make the company consider phasing it out. The fact that Instagram and WhatsApp, which were acquired by Facebook, have seen a significant increase in users, has also helped to increase Facebook’s value.

Yahoo, which was the leading search engine before the arrival of Google, has been struggling with internal issues, security breaches, and attempted sales of the company, which has significantly affected the company’s value. Despite the company’s struggles, its social networking platform has seen an increase in users, but the increases have been limited because of fears due to the breach.

Like Yahoo, LinkedIn was an early social networking pioneer. The platform, which was designed to help prospective employees connect with companies that are hiring, also suffered a security breach that has led to people turning to alternatives instead.

With the emergence of new social networking platforms, look for some changes in this list by the time the next study is out.

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